When absolute reliability is needed

Trained and qualified personnel is able to develop the most diverse and effective paint/protection cycles, optimizing the results achieved with a wide range of equipment and machinery (airless pumps, airmix pumps, bimix pumps, electrostatic guns, etc.).

COMMI uses only very high quality paints, produced and guaranteed by the most prominent brands in the industry such as: Carboline/Apsa - Hempel - Jotun – Akzo Nobel/ International Paint – PPG/Sigma Coatings.

COMMI has the perfect solution for every type of material, and operating environment.
  • Piping
  • Oil&Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Steel and Iron industry
  • Naval
  • Aerators, compression units
  • Chemical installations
  • Food industry installations
  • Machines for processing marble-glass-wood
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel and light aluminium alloy structures
Special Treatments

Thermal Spray Coating is an innovative technology for coating surfaces that have to withstand extreme conditions.
It is a process in which molten (or heated) materials are atomized and sprayed on the surface to be treated, which has been adequately prepared beforehand. The 'precursor coating' itself is also heated, either electrically (plasma or arc) or physically (combustion flame).
This technique offers the possibility to perform anti-corrosion treatments using the highest operating standards:

  • Anti-corrosion coatings on products to be installed in very aggressive environments.
  • Restoration and improved surface performance with regard to wear and thermal stress.
  • Restoring and improving the performance of electrically conductive or insulating coatings.

COMMI uses metallic coatings of aluminium or its alloys (in particular Al-Zn) to complete these works.