Only impeccable work can be certified.
COMMI quality is safe and accredited.

Furthermore, in addition to COMMI's operational guarantees, there is also the guarantee of ISO International Organization, which, in compliance with the guidelines provided for in the 9001:14001 Quality and Environment regulations, specifies the principles, systems and support techniques for Environmental Management Systems.

COMMI provides first-hand guarantee for its manufacturing processes and outcomes, with a controlled quality of the materials used, the procedures and the work performed by each operator.

The ISO 14001 certification demonstrates that COMMI has a management system in place capable of controlling the environmental impacts of its own activities and systematically looks for ways to improve them in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

The organization is accurate, the staff is qualified and the company is constantly committed to innovation. This is how we are able to provide certainty to the market and our customers, without overlooking the protection of the environment, both inside and outside the company.

Ours is a delicate job; this is why all sectors of the company are expected to ensure the utmost care during its implementation.

A guaranteed job starts by using the best products available on the market.