State-of-the-art technologies for sandblasting, painting and special treatments, complying with the highest quality standards.

Thirty years of experience guarantee COMMI’s clients a very high level of specialisation in the field of special coatings and industrial paints with the highest anti-corrosive performances. A specialisation that has led the company to undertake also electromechanical Maintenance, with particular reference to the regeneration of High Voltage switches.

Thanks to ongoing commitment to research, and constant development of systems, technologies and equipment, COMMI is able to effectively meet all types of anti-corrosive and maintenance coating requirements.

The high quality standards, combined with flexibility and Italian creativity, have earned us the esteem and approval of some very important clients in Italy and Europe.

We offer the best performance combined with the ability to provide a very quick response, while complying with all quality standards required by the strictest regulations.

We are able to perform anti-corrosion treatments on workpieces of any type and size, from the smallest and lightest to complex and heavy structures: valves, manifold, piping, bare compressor, pressure vessel, heat exchanger.